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Slide I’m Mike, A General manager, drive sales and software development.

I started my career in publishing but quickly went to tech. Now I manage a software consultancy, the sales, the recruitment and many complex projects.
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Slide Sales I genuinely like people, I use tactical empathy to find out the story behind the story. Finding out how, who, where and when decisions are made. I focus on value not price and clients know I have their best interests at heart.

Sales needs courage, and hard work, so teams I have managed, territories I have covered and products I have represented are delivered profitably and on target.

My current office has grown more than 3 X since I began 2+ years ago. plus many other sales successes.
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Management There’s a spark within everyone that gets them out of bed to achieve, I find that spark.
Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because they want to do it.

Be consistent, reliable, honest, fair and compassionate. Lead by example and don’t have prejudice against anyone regardless of who they are. I use active listening and try to understand everyone and make sure everyone knows the boundaries and what is expected.
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Project Management As a qualified Scrum Master I can be overseeing many projects at the same time. I facilitate the planning, scheduling, execution and controlling of all work that must be done to meet project objectives.

I try to read people, if you can understand how people tick it can be a better outcome for everyone. It's often the complexities of dealing with people that can be the difference, big complex projects with new technologies I use agile methodologies. I have learned how deliver.
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Other skills Publishing : I began my working life in publishing and print media, these skills are current - Expert level skills with the Adobe CC suite.

Video: Photography: Editing: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects

Digital Marketing: Google ad words accredited, Hootsuite trained. Social media Marketing. Strategy and execution.

Audio: Recording and composing - play multiple instruments. Plus Podcast producing.

Wordpress: design and build websites.

Startup: Funding and Pitch deck building. Plus more

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