I’m a driven executive with a wide range of skills that are focused on sales, management and building software. I’ve led both sales teams and software teams and, in recent years, I’ve been the State General Manager of a software consultancy. I run software projects and have grown the business three-fold.

I began my working life in Pre Media for a printing company and became a tradesman in graphic reproduction after completing an apprenticeship. After moving to a print company that produced major magazines and marketing material for seven years, I needed a challenge and became a director of a chain of retail clothing stores, managing the outlet brand. This was my MBA.

Cashflow, profit, staff and sales, what a ride! I was young, ambitious and learnt many lessons, I’m sure I made almost every mistake.

It was time to move back to an area I had a deep technical knowledge and my love of technology and the emerging digital technologies combined with a love of sales saw me move into the world of copier technology. Working for Océ, (now Canon), I loved capital sales and excelled at exceeding targets.

From there I moved to Kodak, focusing on the largest and most expensive solutions and eventually ran the business unit. While involved with big equipment sales , software was a key component and I became the manager of the software business for the region. I had developed a thorough understanding of marketing processes and had P/L responsibilities. Kodak shrunk from 120k global employees to under 3k and the survivors were hardworking, results driven achievers.

Beyond Kodak I remained focused on the software and marketing industry I was persuaded to run an offshore development and sales call team, and later the national sales team, for a company building products for the Asian market. I proudly helped to set up a cold call offshore sales team and exceeded all the expectations of success.

The next chapter for me was in start-ups software businesses and I joined a Salesforce partner business as the global sales leader and set up a sales team, while learning a lot about the world of start-up software companies. I’ve since helped others build business cases, lure investors and develop pricing strategies amongst other things.

I now run the state office of a software consultancy and it has grown and succeeded beyond all expectations.





Work Skills.

How you communicate matters.

I’m a people-person and working in sales for over 20 years, I have learned some interesting lessons about humans. 15 years ago I first learned about behavioural economics, focussing on the way people make decisions. The “economics” part made me think of finance rather than sales initially but economics is broadly about how we all make decisions on a big scale – what we buy, why we buy it. What we do every day effects the economy. Often consumer choices are driven by illogical emotions and I was fascinated to learn more.
From a packet of gum to a multi million dollar software package – when humans are involved there are many subtle cues and signs that can make any sales person more effective. Aside from high activity levels, knowing your product and being courageous when reaching out to the world for new clients, the very best sales people instinctively understand behavioural economics, or understand human nature. My understanding of sales and how to get a “yes” I like to think is elite.

I began life in a very analogue industry of communication, print, TV and radio dominated the way communication was spread and in the last 30 years the rapid change is mind blowing if you look at the pace of change. I loved tech even back then and put myself forward for any new technology or innovation. It continues today as I have detailed technical knowledge of digital marketing, software building (Im a certified Scrum Master) and the mechanics of social media and publishing. I have always enjoyed knowing how things work as testament to many of the roles in the past have been tech as well as sales focused.


As your career progresses and you have people who report to you, my success is determined by the actions of others. People can be complex and I have a number of key principles I use when managing people.

The first and most important thing is to treat all people fairly, with compassion and empathy, you need to build the dignity of your people. Although people spend big portions of their available time at work it can be life changing for a person to have a manager who shows trust, especially in highly creative industries where the ability to solve problems are driven from the bottom, not the top. In the 70s the Japanese taught the world that the best products were made when they inverted the control and allowed the workers on the floor be more innovative.

I try to understand the motives and interests of employees. Often the best work motivation comes from within. When you trust in the capability of your staff, amazing things happen. In sales often well written incentive schemes are a basic version of this principle. For some people a job is a balance of money, purpose, appreciation and happiness – if I can help deliver this, I get a highly motivated and creative, problem-solving employee.

I like to listen, not tell. Guide, not order. Lead by example. I’m a natural communicator so I like my staff, clients and my superiors to be informed, I think amazing people are the difference.


Marketing has changed, from being controlled by a few big media organisations through TV, radio, newspapers, print, sign and direct marketing to now different big corporations through, SEM, SEO, Social media, YouTube, Podcasts, Blogs and still signage and radio remains important.

Marketing also goes back to product market fit, pricing strategy, plus the understanding of the persona of the buyer and where someone is on their buying journey not just about advertising.

Im Google Adwords accredited and spent a lot of time learning how to be first page on a search, from the technical of fast web pages, meta and backlinks to the strategic positioning of influential medias like videos, blogs and podcasts. Plus I have 20+ years in print and older medias.

Ultimately the ROI of any marketing is combined with a sales team or ordering process to sell a product or a service. Ive dedicated a large portion of my working life to this pursuit of selling and marketing.



Eclectic with both soft and hard skills

Although management and sales are soft skills covered above I have many software skills.
Photography: Sony cameras | Photoshop | Lightroom 89%
UX/UI Design: Adobe XD | Balsamic) 84%
Print and design: Illustrator|Indesign | Quark 78%
Video: Adobe Premiere | Final Cut Pro | After effects 93%
Web: Dreamweaver | HTML | Angular | Azure 46%
Microsoft: O365 | Dynamics |Flow | SharePoint | Teams 63%
Other: SalesForce | Oracle | Joomla | Drupal 63%
Scrum Master certification
Google Adwords accreditation


Between the Lines – Outside the Square.

Getting to know clients is extremely important to me. Who are you? How do you think? What drives you and your business? Listening is key. I’m always about reading between the lines and thinking outside the box, with the intention of helping clients by creating solutions to problems, and looking ahead to prevent future issues. Ultimately, it’s all about making your business run smoothly, and make your websites and software user friendly.

“Working with Michael to build the website for Wb40 – Women Beyond Forty magazine, as well as creating and hosting solutions for The Good Girl Confessional Podcast, was fantastic. His advice was priceless, creating solutions, but also answering my many questions. ”

Sandy Lowres | CEO & Founder – Good Girl Media




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