Many years ago the founder of Excel Australasia Mr Ken Williams had the vision to revolutionise the Real Estate industry with an online system that automated real estate marketing. At the time I worked for a supplier running the software and solutions business and I began a product that Ken invested in that became the online marketing product that drives the marketing for many of Australia’s largest real estate brands.

The system now boasts the ability to ingest listings and give the agent a range of marketing solutions all personalised to the brand and the property. Big name real estate brands are very particular about their brand consistency, and a few years back I re-joined Excel to help run their offshore development team as well as launch the national sales team and set up an offshore first call team. Excel won the biggest real estate brand in Australia (the Ray White group) making the Brand Central (Ray Whites proprietary name for the system) the nations most used marketing system. Much of the credit for its evolution is with Ken and his talented team but this system began as my brain child, and later when I rejoined the Excel team I helped win big national clients and build a strong offshore development team. To this day Ken is considered a mentor and friend and they still continue to be innovators with automated marketing.