The task was to build a strong software consulting business in Melbourne and grow the team. SSW was a Sydney driven national consultancy with a small office of a handful of people that needed stability after a string of unsuccessful managers and to secure the small number of regular clients.

Consultancies are hugely dependent on the skill of the people and along with securing the existing clients – a few that were ready to leave at the time. The first task was to secure the existing clients, with clients such as Nando’s, CoInvest and South East Water this had to be done quickly as a handful of managers had come and gone not giving the clients the perception of stability. These clients continue today.

Secondly we needed to grow our customers, and happily we have more than tippled our clients and at times along side of booking out the Victorian team we also booked many of the interstate people and at times the victorian revenue held the company up. This year SSW recorded its biggest and most profitable year and the team in Melbourne is still growing and the forward looking booked in days in Melbourne is more that the other 5 offices combined.

The role needed careful client management, new client acquisition as well as recruitment – finding the right people is key to a consultancies success and we added 7 people in the last year.

Managing the local office needs a mix of all of the above mentioned skills as well as running events, general admin, invoicing plus as a scrum master I needed to manage projects and be the scrum-master, running software projects.